IssueUnperforming Content
GoalImprove content strategy/Rank more keywords organically/Improve organic visits
Time4 months


This website already had a lot of articles and content, but it was created without any SEO strategy in place. Our job was to manage the content strategy across the whole website. The client, Medicana, is in the highly competitive medicinal cannabis business. Because it’s almost impossible to run Google and Facebook Ads in this industry, the business was focusing its entire marketing budget on SEO. It’s also worth knowing that no links were created during this time.


These are the steps that were taken for this campaign: 

  1. Asking the client to stop producing any content until further notice.
  1. Reviewing all the content on the site, including:
    • Pages
    • Blog Articles
  2. Creating a Content Marketing Strategy that revolved around main pillars and satellite topics. We also had a look at what kind of content was ranking well for competitors.
  3. Adjusting existing content on the blog to be in line with our Content Strategy. This included removing, merging, and editing the current articles.
  4. Creating copywriting briefs for topics that were missing on the blog.
  5. Publishing content consistently for about 3 months.
  6. Improving Internal Linking.
  7. Helping Google index the new changes faster by submitting the URLs via Google Search Console. 
  8. Chilling the champagne to celebrate our results. 


The results were mind-blowing. It took some time for Google to notice the changes, but when it did the results rapidly improved.

After being up for less than 5 months, one of the articles ranked for:

  • 3,255 keywords in the Top 100
  • 146 keywords in the Top 10
  • 60 keywords in the Top 3!