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Launch your new website without losing traffic & rankings.
Moving to a new domain or CMS? What seems simple can be a dangerous move without a proper strategy in place. Protect your website traffic, rankings, and conversions with customised SEO migration services. Taking the time to properly migrate your website will prevent it disappearing from the internet and losing its authority on search engines.

Decrease the risk to your SEO

Search engines recognise your website by its URLs. If you’re moving to a new domain with a new set of URLs, you’ll be virtually unrecognisable. That means a loss in search engine rankings, organic traffic, and revenue.  A proper SEO migration strategy will make your transition to a new domain or CMS as smooth as possible so you stay visible & don’t lose the rankings you worked so hard for.

Let visitors continue to browse uninterrupted

The last thing you want is website downtime, resulting in a loss of leads, enquiries, and sales. We’ll ensure your website migration goes smoothly with no downtime so that visitors can continue to browse uninterrupted. We use data to guide your website migration and strategically plan and implement existing URLs to a new domain while preventing a loss in traffic.

Don’t let your migration cost you more time

It might be tempting to rush through your website migration and hope things go smoothly, but it’s a complex process that can have heavy penalties for your SEO and business revenue. It takes much longer to rebuild and recover your website after a botched website migration than to take the time to implement a proper SEO migration strategy that ensures things go smoothly. You’ve worked hard to get your website to where it is, now let us make sure it maintains its traffic, visibility, and rankings.

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