seo for saas

SEO for SaaS

Running a SaaS company? Here are a few tips on how you can improve your SEO by yourself!

  1. PR – Link building
    Your product may be amazing, but people need to hear about it. The easiest way to talk about your product is PR. Register for free at and add yourself as an expert who can talk about your company industry, problems etc. You will get an email everyday with a list of journalists who need a quote from someone in your industry. Share your thoughts and ask for a link to your site. Works most of the time and costs you 10 minutes daily. 
  2. Ask for a clickable link from an article that mentioned your brand.
    Has someone already mentioned your brand in an article but didn’t add a clickable link (hyperlink)? Ask them to include a link. If they already like your company this shouldn’t be a problem, but it helps you SEO a lot!
  3. Hreflang if you work in international markets.
    This is like a silent killer. It targets your site one day, out of nowhere, and slowly and unexpectedly kills your business, day after day. Make sure that it’s implemented properly if you are targeting international markets. It will ruin your SEO strategy if you don’t implement hreflang tags properly. 
  4. Buying out domain names
    Separate domain vs subfolders for the international market? Well, it depends. But if you choose different domains, make sure you own them!


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