IssueExpanding to international markets (International Technical SEO + Link Building)
GoalImplementing multi-language versions of the site + acquiring international publications
Time6 months


Senuto is an SEO and content tool that helps track organic performance and creates better content. This SaaS wanted to be more popular internationally and expand to foreign markets.


First of all, we made sure the site was optimised for international markets. We did this by creating content with specific copywriters, implementing new country versions, and ensuring that hreflang tags were implemented correctly.

Secondly, we started doing outreach to influencers in the SEO and online marketing industry to ask for publications and start working together. This was done in an effort to improve link building.


The site got hundreds of publications in online magazines, blogs, and portals. This brought not only high-quality backlinks but also international brand awareness and, most importantly, new clients.