Content Marketing

GoalImprove content strategy/Rank more keywords organically/Improve organic visits
Time3 months


We started working with this client at the beginning of May and had to keep assuring him that we were on the right track with our strategy. The client was close to giving up, but he trusted our process, even though his doubts were growing week after week.


These are the conclusions we drew from this campaign: 

  1. Deleting some articles is sometimes necessary.
  2. Creating some very long pillar pages to show Google that we are experts in the industry works well.
  3. Combining 10 articles into one is fine.
  4. Adding a few paragraphs to an article can increase its organic visibility by 500%.
  5. External links are fine. 
  6. Internal links are game-changers. 
  7. You can reuse your articles, but you need a plan.
  8. Copying your competitors’ content ideas is not necessary.
  9. Keywords with zero search volume can bring traffic.
  10. Treating visitors like the people you want to make comfortable and welcome on your site makes a difference. 


It took some time for Google to notice the changes, but when it did the results rapidly improved: